Worst casino sites: our blacklisted casinos to avoid

  • by mnqor

Playing online casino games has many dangers: it is the other side of success! In fact, unlike land-based casinos, an online casino is not domiciled, so it is more difficult to file a complaint against it.

This is why to minimize the risk of scams and theft, lists of the worst casino sites  have been developed.

The worst casino sites to avoid

To make this list of the worst casinos, several criteria were taken into account, including the different opinions and testimonials from users.

They are unanimous on one point: all the casinos in the list below are only a big scam, if you come across one, then immediately turn around at the risk of having all your money stolen. To convince you, here is a blog . 

Here is our list of the worst casino sites : 

  • Slots Garden casino: unreachable customer service and then winnings are never paid,
  • Casino Fortune  : impossibility of withdrawals, funds confiscated without reason and the games are programmed in such a way that it is impossible to win,
  • Slot Nuts: false bonus offers and more astronomical award conditions,
  • VIP Golden Club  : the very image of dishonesty, with a doctored game library and bogus bonuses,
  • Real Vegas casino : despite its attractive appearance, this casino never pays its customers.

Recognize a casino scam

Doubtful casinos are difficult to unmask, especially since they do their best to hide their scam . But if you dwell on certain points and check them thoroughly, you can update their scam.

the worst casino sites

The first thing to see is  the casino regulations . It is vital that he has a license that authorizes him to offer his services but above all, he must respect the laws concerning the game. If this is not the case, then beware.

The withdrawal period

The other point is payments. At some online casinos, you can withdraw your winnings instantly, but other gaming sites impose a delay of almost a month. It’s okay if it only happens once, but if it’s continuous, then it’s a scam.

The casino will then find an excuse to refuse your withdrawal and you will never receive your winnings.

Extravagant bonuses

We are often attracted by the big bonus offers, the most promising ones when it is dangerous. Indeed, the majority of these astronomical bonus offers hide a trap: either complicated allocation conditions or the impossibility of withdrawing the winnings. It is therefore best to avoid them.

Rigged games

Losing to games of chance is completely normal; but if the experiment is repeated and so far no gain has been recorded, then it is doubtful. Be aware that the worst casino sites tamper with their random number generator to prevent players from winning.

Now, before opting for an online casino, it is best to consult the opinions of other players on the forums.

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